All sizes are in centimeters.


Dichroic glass is multiple thin layers of colored glass fused together to create an iridescent color shifting appearance.


These pendants are create using about 3 layers of glass including at least one dichroic layer.  The lightbox photographs taken for this website allow for the pendants to be mostly glare-free due to the diffused light. In direct light, they are extremely sparkly.


Some of the pieces contain Kerri Hirsch-Upton's own artwork that she has commission to be etched into glass for her. These are mainly the goddesses, but not exclusive to just that.


Important Note! We are mainly an outdoor vender boutique. That means all of our items travel with us and are subject to outdoor environments. This means they collect dust and dirt. We do our best to ensure a brand new quality to our items but unfortunately dust can be fickle and collect in small crevices. Also the bigger the discount, the less we may be inclined to fine detailing before shipping. We're just very busy making new things. ;)


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