Made from recycled silk saris, our underbust vests make for a unique and beautiful accent. They lace up the back allowing for a greater size variation and a more snug fit. The underbust vests vary on whether they have a ruffled collar. The underbust vests also pair wonderfully with our bustles or fancy hip pouches made from the similar silk brocade fabric.



All measurements have been personally taken and are an approximation. Measurements for the underbust vest fall directing under the bosom. Measurements were taken ranging from the back lacing at its tightest setting to the lacing open with enough room to still tie the lacing.



M -  28”-36”/ Arm width 18”

L -  30”-38”/ Arm width 19”

XL -  32”-40”/ Arm width 20”

XXL -  34”-42”/ Arm width 21”


The majority of the items photographed have been pinned to the mannequin to show a more accurate image of how the underbust vest should fit. Also, the colors may be different in-person depending on device used. We work very hard at trying to provide the most accurate true-to-life color for each item. Any color differences from the images will probably be darkening of the colors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


*All other items in photograph are for display purposes only.

Brocade Bustle

  • Suggested - Hand wash carefully in cold water.


    Stray string and knicks are common in recycled silk sari items. Do not pull strings! Either leave alone or carefully snip away the offending stray string.

    To help prevent wrinkles, undo ruching after wearing. Ironing should be done carefully on a silk setting and tested first on an out-of-the-way location.

    We spot wash and febreeze a lot of our fancier personal pieces after many uses before needing more drastic measures.

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